WGAD Contest Rules

1.  You can only win once every 30 days. Please only try to win what you want and can pick up. Prizes won cannot be exchanged for other prizes currently available unless we make an error and offer that to you.
2.  Your prize must be picked up within 30 days or by Friday at 6pm the week of the weekend event.
3.  Tickets CAN be exchanged for better seats at the venue; they CANNOT be sold! Those tickets are designated as radio giveaway and if the promoter finds out, they will no longer trade with us for that event.
4.  We can use your name, your voice, share your facebook event and/or pictures that you share with us without your specific permission. Quite often you are far more entertaining and we are not afraid to exploit that fact.
5.  If you win on-air on the morning show, please no profanity. It's a family show.